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Marking of gates in accordance with UNI EN 13241:2016

the company Arte Ferro Srl, always attentive to the new legal provisions in terms of safety, wishes to inform you that starting from 1 May 2005 there is an obligation for the manufacturer of gates, doors, gates and barriers to place exclusively products on the market. CE marked according to the EN 13241:2003+A2:2016 standard and in reference to the Construction Products Regulation CPR 305/2011/EU which replaced the Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC with effect from 1 July 2013.

It therefore provides gates and doors correctly CE marked for which it issues the Declaration of Performance (DoP) and the Declaration of Conformity (DoC) to the Machinery Directive if motorized, the use and maintenance instructions

Arte Ferro Srl creates any type of gate
Carry out an accurate risk analysis to check where and how the gate will be installed, especially if there is also the presence of children or the elderly, and adopt modern design criteria for the product taking into account the number of daily openings and the type of operation which will be adopted; it also directly takes care of the installation and commissioning of the product. These aspects and the use of quality accessories allow, together with the raw material used, to guarantee safe use, the life of the gate and the peace of mind of having a product that complies with current legislation.
In order to maintain safety in use, it offers detailed and clear maintenance contracts which also allow correct functioning to be guaranteed over time.

Be wary of anyone who offers you a non-CE marked product, and therefore outlawed; in fact, remember that in the event of an accident even the owner of the gate or the condominium administrator can be held jointly responsible.
The new provisions are very clear and the end customer has the right, but also the obligation, to ensure that the gate is compliant with standards and correctly CE marked.

Another reason to ensure that the gates are correctly CE marked is that the electricians who will add the motorization (UNI EN 12453:2017 standard), in turn building a machine (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC), will be able to proceed without posing any particular problems in taking charge of the artefact as they will be able to include in the Technical File of the automated closure - within their competence - the Declaration of Performance relating to the construction of the product drawn up by its manufacturer.

In the event that the manual closure provided by Arte Ferro Srl is automated (in this case, the person carrying out the transformation "builds" a new product which is considered a "machine" Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC), the installer of the automation must compile and release all the documentation required by current legislation, assuming responsibility for:
– Of the construction of a “machine”;
– The compilation of the Technical File and the provision of other documentation;
– Its safety and CE marking;
– Compilation of the Declaration of Conformity to the Machinery Directive.

Please remember that in the event of an accident caused by lack of maintenance – the owner or condominium administrator is responsible for maintaining safety – the gate manufacturer has no responsibility; he is only liable for design or construction and installation defects.

Maintenance is necessary to guarantee safety over time and is an obligation for the owner; the most recent reference is represented by Legislative Decree no. 81 of 2008 and there are various articles that indicate the obligation of maintenance, one of which is art. 15 which indicates maintenance as a general protection measure.
In conclusion, Arte Ferro Srl believes it is necessary to comply with the law as problems can always arise over time and safety for users and for everyone must never take second place.

All gates, supplied and installed by Arte Ferro Srl, are equipped with an anti-fall system for the leaf - steel cable, collar or alternative system for the swing gate, double enveloping column for the sliding gate, in reference to the EN 12604 standard :2017 (par. 4.3.1; par. 4.3.4; par. 4.3.5 protection against falling doors).
The standard provides guidelines for safe construction. See Appendix A. The guiding system of a sliding door must ensure that the door remains in position in the event of damage/malfunction of the first system. The gate must not fall!
Arte Ferro Srl also carries out checks on old gates prior to the CE marking to adapt them and make them safe; However, evaluations will be made and, where possible, they will be CE marked. It will also release the maintenance calendar with periodic interventions of 6 or 12 months and will also propose the maintenance contract.

The EN 13241 standard has been mandatory since 1 May 2005, specifies the performance and safety requirements of doors, gates and barriers intended for installation in areas frequented by pedestrians and for which the main intended use is the safe access of people, goods and vehicles accompanied or driven by people to industrial areas , commercial or residential identified with a specific CE marking label that accompanies the product.
Even a simple manual gate can cause accidents.

Therefore, contact us professionals in the sector who build the products according to the rules of the art. We will provide you with the booklet with the instructions for use, the maintenance calendar and the CE marking as required by the laws in force.

Sometimes, those who improvise or those who are looking to save money put illegal and dangerous products on the market. The choice is yours!

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