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Tents that can be installed in free construction

On 21 February 2018, the draft decree was approved by the Unified State/Regions Conference - published jointly by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the Department of Public Function - containing the non-exhaustive list of the main building works that can be carried out in free construction activity regime.
Point 59 of the list, extracted below, states the following:

the installation, repair, replacement or renewal of one or more products such as awnings, pergola awnings and light furnishing coverings are to be considered installable as FREE BUILDING ACTIVITIES.

This provision is a big step forward in clarifying the aspects related to permits for the installation of the products that Pratic designs and produces in the solar shading sector.
However, compliance with municipal planning regulations and all sector regulations having an impact on the regulation of construction activity remains as a non-derogable prerequisite.
Please refer to the provision cited on the Ministry website for further detailed information.

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